Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Kolden Report: Brockway Dairy Day, 2014. Final installment

Hello, kids!

Thank you, Charles Moline, for inviting me to photograph this historic rodeo.  I am now a FAN.

Once upon a time, Brockway Dairy Day had an event called "Wild Cow Milking".  As you can imagine, it was popular.  It has since been replaced with another stellar event, the Wild Horse Race.  Here, it is, Brockway style!

So far so good.

It doesn't take long for things to get out of hand!


This is why they are termed "Wild".

I like to refer to the event as "sanctioned chaos."

Nope, I'm NOT coming out.

The horses are winning...

It takes a village.

Hang on to that head!

Are they wearing him down?

Broke to lead?

Now listen here horse.....


Ready to ride?

Hang on!

And again I say, the horse is winning.

Even though it's tough..

They DON'T let go!


Still going.

Checking out the competition.

And THIS horse is also winning.

No, he's not running away.  He just needs a saddle!

Hanging on.

And so is he.

Hazing them across the finish line.

Horses are winning.

They have to pay attention to other horses, not just their own.

And the pink team fights on.


Another horse wins.

They'll NEVER catch me now! 

I think they enjoyed this part very much, racing around the

The lead pair are so in synch, I wonder if they might be siblings?

Yep, they are having FUN now. 

And so were Dennis and Pat Bond, all the way from Nebraska.  Dennis's Grandfather (Rex Bond) was one of the founders of this grand, old event.  They made the journey JUST to take part. 

Love their shirts!

Cool ride but the seat doesn't look so comfy.

Doesn't seem to bother him any!  Am guessing he doesn't have far to go.

Circle, Montana.

I've always wanted to stop and have a go, at this old church.

It's so picturesque.

And behind it sits an old elevator.  At least I think it's an elevator.

And the elevator is cute in its own right!

Perhaps it will hold this crop?  (Maybe it is....since this crop is  harvested now.)

A closer look.

"The greatest thing in the character.  It is a possession beyond price.  It cannot be purchased, it must grow gradually from one's actions." -  Ellwood E. Rice


The Kolden Report: Brockway Dairy Day, 2014, Part 3

Hello, kids!

Between events, I went behind the chutes.

What's he thinking?

One and done.

HARD work.

Four in the air.

In the line of fire.  (With a flick of the bull's head, the clown was airborne, resulting in a gashed head. He continued to work protecting cowboys, after putting a handkerchief on his bleeding wound, jamming his hat on his head and resuming his "position".)

Up, up and away!



Hang time.


Counting coup.


Gone wrong.

Smile, sister!

Boys and girls.

Fun in the sun.

Local color

Catchy slogan!

Proof is in the pudding.

Judges chambers.

"Cowboy take me, away....." - Dixie Chicks

How it's done.


Turn and burn.


LEAN into it.

Coming in hot.

Round she goes.

Tight turn.

Smoke and miracles.

Down and dirty.

Low and tight.

On a mission.

Up next:  Wild Horse Race!

"Try to be a rainbow, in someone's cloud." - Maya Angelou