Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Kolden Report: Freeze Up! January 22, 2013

Hi, kids!
Happy 60th anniversary to my parents on the 25th!  
And now, the report...

Sparkle and shine.

Froze up ROUGH!

The river doesn't always freeze up this rough.  I was reminiscing, thinking of Slatts Lowe moving houses across the river ice in  winter, "back in the day".  He'd have been very unhappy to see ice like this.

Frosted flakes.

Shoreline skier. 

Ice jam.  Still a bit of open water but we could see that the ice jam was growing by the minute.

At our place, a skating rink!  (Smooth but thin....)

And some open water...

Ice on the move.
Beautiful blue and oh so cold.

The sound created by ice crunching and grinding as it jockeyed for position, was phenomenal!

Rising waters froze smoothly, along the shore.

Mirrored river. 

Shoreline view.  Just a thin trail of open water was visible.  And the ice kept coming, pushing and shifting, closing the open water.


Upriver, a skating rink of thin ice.

Where ice meets shore. 

Willow color.

Flaked foliage.

Branch bliss.

Frost flake fan.  I LOVE this one...the huge, paperish flakes are fascinating.  I want to see them even CLOSER.

Carpet of glitter.

Frost flake explosion.

Moody sky.

Fabulous flakes.

Monochromatic world.

FAT frost flakes.

Congress of blackbirds. 

Twisting in the wind. 

Fascinated by the flakes.

Riverside panorama.

Big Sky night.

Montana in the morning.  (Glendive bound)

BIG sky country.

Wide angle sky.

Standing stately.

GOOD winter roads.

Gran-daddy!   (Bell Street Bridge, Glendive, Montana)

This bridge is open to the public for walking/running and is well used, even in winter.
Bell Street Vista.

Froze up rough, II.  (Yellowstone River)

Mulie Crew.
Change your thoughts and you change your world.  - Norman Vincent Peale

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