Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Kolden Report: Call of the wild. September 20, 2012.nn

Hi, kids!
As has become our annual custom, we traveled west to Sipary Ann Creek to watch the elk cavort.  Here is day one of our camping adventure along the Upper Missouri River Breaks.
Powerhouse pair.

Glasgow Great Grandparents.

The Wagenhals share my sentiments about life.  I'm sure that the afterlife is a better place due to their undoubtedly joyous arrival.

Highway hay herd.

Layered landscape.

Elk a-plenty

Tending the herd.

Hard to believe this heavily vegetated area was barren last year after the flood waters receded.

Watching the watchers.

The call of the wild.

Big Daddy.

Count 'em!  Then multiply....

Dinner time.

Regal pose.

A closer look.

Trio Tango.

Repelling intruders.

Bull chorus.

VERY busy.

The whole fam-damily. 

Pretty in pink.

Cow tells it like it is.

His majesty.

Stay tuned for part two....
This report is dedicated to my husband of 15 years- on September 20th, the day these images were captured.  Thanks for the memories, Jim!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Kolden Report: And a river runs through it, part two. September 26, 2012

Hi, kids!
The flood waters rearranged the Missouri river shoreline.  I was amazed at the changes and at the same time, surprised by the lack of change.

Landing zone. 

Lone Cone II

Evening dip.



Moody Missouri.

Steven's tree. 

Golden Hour.

Nature's bouquet.
Feathery fronds.

Have saw, build cabin.

Orange hat.
This report is in memory of Phyllis Peters, who lived her life along the Missouri. 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Kolden Report: And a river runs through it. Sept 25, 2012

Hi, kids!
Circle has a new store.   Prairie Pickins is now open for business, offering refurbished finds, gifts for giving and sweet things like ice-cream, chocolates, fudge, caramel apples, etc - and  Great, Great coffee, all set up in old cupboards, dressers, antiques with no conventional shelving.  Even the garbage cans  are old feed sacks!  Connie also has a florist offering plants & flowers.  Prairie Pickins is open Wed-Fri, 12-6 and Saturdays, 10-2.  If you get a chance, stop in and see what Connie has to offer.  
Welcome newcomers!  Please feel free to share the Kolden Report as you see fit.  For your convenience, I am posting the reports here:
Now, on to the report!

Wild flower tangle.

Sunrise tangle.

Cat tails waving.

Fall willow.

Black bird corn.

Baby snake.

On the river, an "ahhhh" moment.  Haze from the fires gave an odd thickness to the air.

Just like glass.

Tree art.
Blue lagoon, Missouri River style.  The unbroken sand bar and calm water beckoned!

Peaceful, easy feelin'

Critter tracks as art.  Who knew?

Baby cottonwoods, alive and well.

Going....going.....soon to be gone!

Wow!  Fall colors.....

Just when I thought it couldn't get any DID.


Love this one!  (Verna, this is for you.)

Going, going, almost gone....again.

What glorious country we live in!

Feather floats.

Goose Island.

I was surprised to see this feather floating vertically!

Horseshoe bend.

Sometimes, having the light all WRONG is REALLY right!

Fly away home.

Stunning reflections in green and gold.

Happiness, on the stem.

And look!  Lady bugs "dancing".....didn't know they mated this time of year...

Stay tuned for part two!
If you have friends in adversity, stand by them.  - Our Mutual Friend