Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Kolden Report: Rod and Rides, Circle, Montana, July 18, 2013

Hi, kids!
If I haven't already mentioned it, I know of an organist and pianist for hire in the Billings area.  Denise Finn will play for all occasions - funeral, wedding, parties - and she plays all types of music from country to classical.  If interested, you can reach Denise at home 406-534-3522 or on her cell 406- 696-1007.     
Now, back to the report!



Come FLY with me.

Heavy Chevy.

The boys in the band.


HOT rod.

Antenna magic.

Havin' it his way. 

Too cool for school.

Main street - Circle, Montana.   Art in the Country , car show, live music.  Now, Connie needs a new name for the event since it's held in town.  Perhaps "Circle crafts, cars and crooners" ?    Maybe a naming contest is in order....
Stay tuned for the Wolf Point Wild Horse Stampede, coming soon to a computer near you....
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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Kolden Report: Things that go "bump" in the night. July 17, 2013

Hi, kids!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY goes out to sister Penny today! (  Many happy wishes to you and  to Clay and Bess who also celebrate birthdays today. 
A hearty welcome aboard to you new subscribers!  Feel free to share the reports as you wish. 
I am way behind (again) so will try to get caught up a bit here.  I have lots and lots of images to work from the rodeo and this weekend I'll be taking MANY more.  Keeps me out of the waterhole!
In this report and the next, I've practiced shooting  elements that I rarely capture - fireworks and people.   Images from Art in the Country and the car show in Circle round out this batch.   Enjoy!

Red robin gaze.

Buck bliss.

49 Ford. 

Blue heaven.


Sky blooms.

Green glory.

Jester's hat.



Double shot.


Inset mat.  (Levi the framer @ Billings Michaels)

Self portrait.  (Now THAT is a hub cap)

Chris's ride.


Stars and stripes, forever.

Flame on. 
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Friday, July 12, 2013

The Kolden Report: 90th Wild Horse Stampede, July 12, 2013

Hello, kids!
It is Stampede weekend here in Wolf Point.  40 years ago, my 10 year old self was about to win "Best Junior Couple", alongside my trusted partner in crime and best friend Doug , in the Wolf Point Wild Horse Stampede Parade. 
Back then, we were celebrating the "Golden" stampede, 50 years of rodeo.  It was a VERY big deal and how we talked our folks into letting us ride in the parade is beyond me.  But....we did.  We had on matching red shirts with white ruffles that my Gramma Thale sewed for us, new blue jeans, boots and white straw hats.   (Poor Doug was NOT pleased about the white ruffles on the shirts but after some pleading he relented.)   Doug rode his black Shetland, Jet who rubbed you into anything and everything he could get near and I rode Dixie, a black Appaloosa mix with a stubborn streak and a penchant for dog food and drinking from the garden hose.  I'm sure we were a sight, two hicks from the sticks and all. 
In order to win "Best Junior Couple", you had to ride all three days in the parade and the final day of the rodeo, the winners galloped into the arena, trophies in hand, for all to see.  I can still remember the thrilling ride we made into the arena, in front of the crowd.  Funny part is, I worried more about my horse crow hopping or refusing to run, than the crowd who had gathered to watch the Grand Daddy of rodeo. 
Pictures of Doug and I were taken and I had my framed photo and trophy for many years.   Today, I find myself wishing for that photo to share with you.  Instead, memories will have to do! 
For those of you within striking distance, why not come to Wolf Point tomorrow to see the parade or take in the rodeo and make some memories of your own!  I don't want to spoil the show for you but I WILL say that "Percheron Thunder" is well worth the price of admission.
Speaking of photos, stop by Art in the Park tomorrow from 10-5pm.  I have some new pieces and a good selection of art cards for your shopping pleasure.  Sign up to win!
Here's a sneak peek of what you might see at the Wild Horse Stampede:

Happy Trails!
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