Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Kolden, "Birthday Report", November 6-7, 2010, Final part

The low angle of the sun makes for great reflections!
Bumping along a trail, I spotted this buck lying in the crp. 
He didn't offer to move for quite some time, until finally, he got up and strolled away.  He didn't appear to be injured and I wondered if he was a bit "touched"?  The odd antler on the left could indicate genetic problems!
Just a bit farther, a coyote stood and watched us.  I was beginning to think all of the animals were a bit "touched" in this area.  Either that or word is getting around that Jim no longer carries a rifle on a regular basis!
Creative use of a junk vehicle:
LOVE the giant shotgun blast in the side of it!
The orange deer skull is pretty special too.
They even painted a large rock silver with the words "keep out" in orange paint.
As the sun was setting, a pond's surface turns silver, providing mirror-like reflection.
Not a breath of wind was blowing and the deer were on the move.
A fine trip was had by all.
This thanksgiving, I am grateful for the professional, courteous service of my co-workers who continue to keep NEMHS a well oiled machine. 
I am also thankful for my amazing husband and our wonderful life.
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Kolden "Birthday Report", Part nine, November 6-7, 2010

Coming along the river, "eagle-eye Kolden" spotted these two porcupines in a tree.  I had seen them and thought they were nests, from a distance.  I had to get out and walk over to the trees for a closer look.
The one on the right was probably a male or the mother of the one on the left perhaps.
They made no move as I circled the tree taking pictures.
I suppose remaining still is a tactic used to thwart predators.
There were lots of tiny branches between me and the smaller porky on the left.
I took lots of pictures because it's not something that you see every day!
You can sort of see the large teeth on this porcupine.
In this shot the teeth, capable of gnawing through tree bark, appear bloody or dirty.
I was mesmerized by the pair!
Near their hideout, a creek reflected the tree lined bank.
We would be home soon.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Kolden, Birthday report, November 6-7, 2010, Part Eight

Since it was Jim's birthday, I stuck a candle in a cinnamon roll and sang "Happy Birthday!" to him.  I then looked skyward and thanked his dearly departed parents for having created his life.  Full of joy, we drove on.
As we passed a prairie stock tank, I saw movement.  I asked Jim to stop and upon investigation, saw this little deer mouse (the kind that carry hantavirus) - trapped in the stock tank with no way out. 
I attempted to remove the drain plug in the tank to free the mouse but, it wouldn't budge.
The mouse allowed me to take several pictures but, kept it's distance from me.  Finally, I decided to get a stick and see if it would climb the stick and get out.  Of course it wouldn't!
Finally, I laid the stick in the tank and the mouse crawled on.  I lifted him out of the tank and as I lifted, he began racing up the stick, toward my hand!  Needless to say his landing on the ground was a bit rough but....he was free.  I got back in Whitey and we motored on. 
Near the tank, more stud piles.
Down the trail a bit, Jim asked me if I had left the stick propped in the tank for future mouse rescues.  Of course I hadn't!  Next time.
We encountered a family trailing cows.  I like the riderless horse.
Here, the cowboss and his dog.
Jim's watchful eye spotted this giant!  I instantly thought of Charlotte and how much of a meal this big bug would have made for her.....
Over the hill, another glimpse of the lake over a brush lined coulee.
Bobcat creek gleams in the midday sun.
We spotted this buck, tongue out, running. 
Again, we encountered the cowpunchers, moving the herd.

Kolden, "Birthday Report", Nov 6-7, 2010, Part Seven

After breakfast and coffee, we broke camp and departed.  Here, a last look at the lake from the hilltop.
Over a ridge was another homestead.  This fine old ford rests.
I love the rosebush growing up out of the hood.  Lance, this one made me think of your paintings.
I think every vehicle ever purchased for use at this place was still sitting about!
If I won the lottery, I'd love to put one of these old beauties on a modern drive train for every day use.  There would be plenty of room to haul groceries in these old giants!
I love the curvy nose and flashy grill on this truck.
An old drill, nearly encompassed by tall prairie grasses
When I look at the jeep side by side with the other truck (make unknown) I find the softer lines of the "other" truck more appealing.
This shot of an old hay rake give perspective to the enormity of Fort Peck lake and the CMR.
Another old piece of wood sports lichen adornment.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Kolden Birthday Report, Nov 6-7, 2010, Part Six

The following morning, I watched the sun rise over the lake.
A light breeze was blowing and it was not quite a balmy as the day prior had been.
I found these sandstone formations interesting.
Lichen form on layers of sandstone.
This huge, round sandstone had split into pieces, perhaps when the glaciers receded.
A little spot for rabbits or birds to tuck in to during rain storms.
I was amazed by how long my shadow was in the first rays of morning!
This little crevice had obviously been home to a tiny bird during inclement weather, as evidenced by the droppings.
Soft sunlight painted this sandstone with golden color.
The campsite with amy LONG shadow!
Gorgeous reddened leaves cling to a bush.
For those of you wondering how we manage to sleep in Whitey, here is a glimpse.  Both seats hang in the rear.  Cushions and a sleeping bag provide the mattress.
The steering wheel removes for more room and we have a great view from the bedroom!