Friday, April 26, 2013

The Kolden Report: Speed goats, song birds and the sun. April 26, 2013

Hello, kids!
I am dedicating this report to my long distance friends Jean and Jude, in thanks for their support. 
Days whirl into weeks in my world and even so, I MAKE time to immerse myself into what feels like an alternate universe - where time stands still and stress is non existent. 
As the night gives way to day, I watch  creatures head for bed and garner a bit of peace, knowing all is right with their world.

Loner, peeking at me through tall grass.  Leader and Shy Guy remain buds, traveling tandem while occasionally reaffirming their "peck order' and I wonder, are they twins?   I see them twice daily while Loner is more elusive .

Fence line sunrise. 

Embrace the day.

Pink....stripe?  How odd, yet lovely. 

Wary pair.  (Pronghorn antelope)

Terrific trio.

Why antelope became known as "Speed Goats".  (They can run 50-60 mph!)

Hairy neck...

Prancer.  (My favorite shot of the lot. Love  the backward glance, fluffy red neck and white rear).

On the "go".

Ooo, oooo, RED eyed girl.

Pair on a pond.

What a long BILL you have!
Pretty bird.

Synchronized diving.  (Always has to be a few who can't seem to get in synch....)

Meadowlark moment.

Looking left.

Songs of love.

Sky search.

My commute II.

BIG sky country. 

Tree-lined sunrise.

Goose and a gander.

Through the fence.  (Like them both, couldn't decide -so you get them both).

Mulie shapes.
Eenie, Meenie and Minie.


UP, UP and AWAY.
And then there were five.  (Every morning, I watch for this little herd....hoping for a few moments alone with them.)

GOOD morning!

Delicate.  (Another favorite capture)

Love this one too, maybe more than the first.  Somber tones punctuated by the sunlit feather, lovely!

Goodkind Gallery in Glasgow, sponsored an iron pour.   I would love to get involved if I have a chance!

Iron pour trappings.

Heating the crucible.

Safety is job #1.

Montana Memo.

Good night, moon.
Nobody can bring you peace but yourself.  - Ralph Waldo Emerson

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