Friday, September 13, 2013

The Kolden Report: Testing, one...two...three...Part one, September 13, 2013

Hello, kids!  


Kudos to  you folks who have seen to it that the young people in your lives were vaccinated against HPV , the cause of some cancers in both males and females.  The vaccine is recommended for females aged 11-26 and males age 11-21.    If you have a a young person in your life who is unvaccinated, contact your healthcare provider or your local county health department for more information.    Here's to the day when there is a vaccine for ALL cancers.  

Now, about the report.  I am testing sending from this email address.  Microsoft assures me that I am good to go.  Please add me as an approved sender and if you find my reports in your junk email, mark them as "not junk".  I would also welcome feedback on the report format.  

And now, more of Northeast Montana's finest!


Fall sunrises are often spectacular!


Why I get up early.


Prickly beauty.

Montana State bird.


Great Horned Owl.  (Sure have had owls in my life a lot lately.)


Layered lake.


Evening storm clouds over Fort Peck Lake.


Dragonfly courtship.


Look at the green grass!  This is unheard of in August in Northeast Montana.

I love fall flowers....


Every time I photograph sunflowers, I think of my niece, Liping - who LOVES sunflowers.


I love the shape of this bloom, with it's arm held out as if to say, "Whaaaaat?"


Lady bug, cruising the Yucca pods.

As I stood before this sea of grass bordering the lake, I couldn't help but realize WHY homesteaders would have eagerly started new lives here.  It looks like paradise!  (Of course there was no lake then, just the Missouri River but still...)


Look at how tall the grass is on Whitey and Whitey has been "lifted"!


Lush Yucca.  I wonder if anything eats these?

Stay tuned for part two...

"Plunge BOLDLY into the thick of life."

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