Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Kolden Report: Wolf Point, Montana Wild Horse Stampede Parade

Hello, kids!

I had much fun capturing those around me during the Stampede parade and  Art in the Park.    Here a few of those moments.  Enjoy!

Cal and Alice.  

Just Alice.

Pretty as a picture.  (Barbara's granddaughter)

I think she likes it!  I KNOW I love it!

The talented Boyd sisters who make it all happen.

One of the Boyd sisters from Poplar.

Their Mother.  I want to listen to the wisdom of her years!  (And of course photograph her beautiful face.)


This man also has stories to tell.

Watching for candy!

She scores!

Class of 64.  (Cousin Jay made it for the occasion!)

Hello, Audrey!

Gary chats.

Rodenberg's ride.



 Drum group.

Wadopana float. 


Midwife madness.

Wheelie man.  (Careful, kiddo.)

Class of  94.


True  "mini van".



What do they see? (Class of 1964 at WPHS).

Their old teacher, Mr Kelly.  Invited by the Class of 64.  So poignant, watching his students greet him.

Walt's "gams".

Vic's ride.

Well now,  that's just a little harsh!

Katie Rae's kids.

Mayor mugs.

"Weigh the anchors that hold your ship outside the harbor.  The tide is flowing in!" - Unknown  (Taken from the "Ideals" Inspiration issue, Volume 12, Number 1- January 1955.)

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