Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The Kolden Report: Herd Bull Bronze

Hello, kids!

This weekend marks Wolf Point's centennial and is also The 97th Wild Horse Stampede.  I will be unveiling some new pieces that I'm pretty excited about, including leather gallery wraps and prints on metal!  Lance Johnson will also be bringing a host of his amazing art so come see us on Saturday at Art in the Park, from 10am-5pm. Also featured at Stampede

I was recently asked to photograph Benji Daniel's bronze buffalo sculpture.  I arrived early and cruised Oswego. 

will be Benji "Oswego" Daniels latest creation "Herd Bull Bronze".  Here is a look at the piece, from my perspective.

Head on.  (Love this old ride!)

We met in Oswego and drove to the graves of Benji's Grandparents and Dan Knapp, marked by two large stones. 

Ralph Kress arrived with his crane and a plan was formulated.  Logistics!

I took advantage of the free time to admire the local color.

Soon to become airborne.

Lift off.

Bottom's up!

Side winder. 

Set 'er down.

It's all in the details.  (I found myself fascinated with the construction of the piece.)

Form and shadow have always intrigued me.

Love the lettering!

Ralph Kress, doing what he does.  (I was impressed with his attention to detail and eye toward safety.)

Art and artist.


All roads meet in the middle.


A river runs through it.




Benji "Oswego" Daniels.

Ralph Kress.

If you need a boom truck.....

Once in a while, even I get into the shot.

Checking for cavities.

A life lived with no electricity, running water and just advancing into the vehicular age.  Can you imagine horse and wagon, outhouses, cutting wood for heat and cooking, ice houses and the like?  We are soft these days!

All the skull a trailer can "wear". 

As Benji was leaving, I noticed that the skull looked it could be lying on the prairie!  I took advantage.

Color play.

It's hard to tell that it's not a bone skull lying on the prairie, isn't it?

Fore more information on the bronze or it's appearance at the Wolf Point Wild Horse Stampede, to purchase the statue or to schedule it's appearance at your function:




Up next:  Back to nature.

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