Sunday, September 6, 2015

The Kolden Report: Lone Wolf First Annual Cross Country Race. Round five of the Montana Series. Around the pond.

Hello, kids!

Back at the moto-cross track....

Comin' in hot...

Giving 'er the ONION.

Old glory....(and how a still the sense of motion.)

Passing lane.  (Riders would be a bit surprised at being passed but that's the intrigue of running class A and B racers all at once.)

The dam crossing was little more than a cow trail in tall sage.  Some riders were more cautious than others in their approach.

YEE-HAW!  (Other riders would perform for the camera.....I'm thinking class A rider?)

This guy  has been in the mud!

I was glad to see they were hydrating during the race.  Not only was it warm out but several hours of hard riding....that's physical!  (Remember the shots of the STEEP hill?)

This rider is serious.  Helmet cam, covered in mud....riding hard.  And likely having a BALL doing it.

An ounce of prevention....

Another surprise pass, I'd say.  But who wants to eat dust, anyway?

No matter how hard you ride, someone is always going to be breathing down your neck. 

Another class A rider, I should think.  It was rewarding to see them pop one for the camera!

Goggles on backward?  Hope he's NEVER following anyone.

Up next:  A creek runs through it.

"He that would perfect his work, must first sharpen his tools." - Confucius

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