Sunday, January 15, 2017

The Kolden Report: Drive about, Continued.

Happy New Year, Kids!
Here's to a happy and healthy 2017 for you all.  Thanks for coming along for the ride with us!  It's been wonderful and we look forward to what comes next.   
Now, back in Wyoming..
Burst forth.

Red wall fascination.

Outlaw cave, here we come!  (The cave was rumored to house outlaws in hiding.)  We were anxious to see it although it would require a hike into a canyon and fording a river.)

Wyoming is loaded with antelope.  It was fun to see the herds, gathered for mating.

We also found ourselves fascinated with the "Red Wall".  It so reminded us of Monument Valley in Arizona.

To get to the cave, we had to pass by the "Hole in the Wall Ranch".  Access to much of the land in the area was off limits, sadly.  

Fencing the wall, poses a challenge!

We saw many a buck in hot pursuit of a potential girlfriend.

Testosterone laden bucks paid little attention to us as they went about their business.

Big country, lots of game.

Bucks on the move, everywhere we looked!

Some of the flora was unfamiliar to me.  

Wild succulents, post bloom...clinging to stone.  (I am not sure what the little green dot is in the upper right.)

We had bumped over the roughest trails ever, for miles, in search of the cave.  On one short hike, I caught my foot on something, tore my toe open  and jammed my camera lens into the dirt during the fall.  My bloody toe has healed but my camera still bears the scar.  I took this rainbow as a sign that good things would follow.  

Softest fur ever.

We had found the canyon, now to find the cave.

With nightfall upon us, the cave would have to wait.
Tour Guide Extraordinaire.  (I so love this photo of Jim.)  Thank you, Jim for the memories!  I look forward to whatever comes next.  
Nothing compares to camping under a full moon.

We made camp along the canyon rim, under a painted sky.

 I got out my low light lens.  

Not bad for night shooting!   

Up next:  Outlaw cave.

"Most of us are just about as happy as we make up our minds to be." - Abraham Lincoln


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