Friday, August 6, 2010

Kolden "Variety Report", Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The sun is now rising much farther southeast and much later in the morning.  One cloudy morning I captured this pink and blue sky.

I love the water droplets on this geranium even if it was a bit too dark for photos at the time.

Hollyhock pollen dusting it's soft petals.

Liatris (I think).  I like the fact that the shot is in and out of focus.

An echinacea bloom.  Petals are a bit "thin" on this fella.  The "swirl" effect in the middle of the bloom is off-center and a bit mesmerizing to me.

Something about this shot speaks to me.  I'm going to have to print and frame it.  Perhaps it's the abstract nature of it all...

It wasn't really light enough to be taking pictures but...I could not resist.  I like the "softness" that low light gives this shot of  tiger lily blooms.

A bit later and alot lighter.  Even the four ants show up now!

I spooked a pair of whitetail deer on the drive in.  One ran, the other froze.  This young buck will be easy to distinguish from the others by his one mangled antler.

He stepped behind the bush, "hiding" from me.

And then he was gone.
Today, I found interest in these amber waves of grain bathed in sunlight.

This field is slower to ripen but is looking every bit as good.  Crops in this area are amazing due to all the moisture. 

I am constantly amazed at what the camera's autofocus comes up with.  In this shot, the foreground is clear and the yellow flowers are out of focus to varying degrees.  I like it!

Liping, this wild sunflower shot is for you.  I know how you love sunflowers.

Thought for the day:  It's better to be busy, than bored.

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