Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Kolden, "Variety Report", December 2010

Hi, kids!
I've managed to get a few shots in lately to share with you.
Last month, a coworker alerted me to a glorious sunset.  The best shot I got was at work in the parking lot was full of power lines and buildings so I chose this picture to share, instead.  You can see the tiny,, hairlike threads that are grass in the field west of town at the bottom of the shot.  As you can see, the entire sky was brilliantly painted with color.
I have again been trying to shoot the full moon.  Here, the moon rises over the river.
"Smoke on the water" in the frigid morning air, through the chokecherry bushes.
A close up of feathery snowflakes.
The full moon rising in frigid evening air.
I am torn between these two shots.  I like them both.
The next evening, I tried again. 
I think I like this shot best.
The deer are forced to forage in the snow.  This fawn pushes the snow from the browse with it's nose. 
A  small, atypical buck appears to be meeting my gaze.  (And yours too!)
Another small, atypical buck warily forages, ready to bolt.
Here's wishing you all a warm and safe week. 

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