Sunday, January 23, 2011

Winter Report 2010 -2011

Hello, kids!

It's been a while since I was able to post.  I have a selection of winter photos for your viewing pleasure.

My middle aged Christmas cactus shows its stuff.

I spotted this hawk, resting in a tree.

 A deer had meandered through the snow drifts.

 This fawn has lost its Mama to hunters. 

I love the contrasting colors in this shot.

The ice crystals appear to be made of glass!

Another look at frost laden grasses:

I took this shot under flash one morning.  It looks more like foam than frost!

 A similar shot under natural light.
Before the river froze over, I spent some time capturing the silvery reflections.
Icy fingers reach out into the water from the river banks in a world of gray and white.

I always admire this fine old cottonwood, nearly perfect in stature.

A thick coating of hoar frost clings to delicate cottonwood branches.

Hoar frosted branches against a clear blue sky.

I spent some time in my garden, admiring dill heads in the snow.

I love the snow capped heads!

Here, grasses bow in the snow.

While shoveling snow on a cloudy day, the sun began to peek through.
Snow capped echinacea.
During a snowstorm, this small army of grouse marched across the field, to rest as a group.

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