Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Kolden Report: Feathers and fire, June 11, 2012

Hi, kids!
It has been a very big week for me!   The yard sale went off without a hitch even though I failed to enlist any help.  I have gathered up round two and have only to price for Saturday's sale.  It will be from 9-2 at the Homestead Storage in Wolf Point.  This sale will have some big ticket items such as a couch, table with matching benches, upright freezer, weight bench, glass front gun cabinet; bbq grill; boat motors; handy man jack; fishing poles (with reels); weed eaters; antique soldering iron, new in it's original box; and MUCH more.  Should be great fun so bring your quarters and come see!
In other news, due to popular demand by you - my faithful readers- Teddy Wells  Snake tale, is being published.  Will know more once we actually get them ordered.  GO, Teddy!  (I mean Theodore....)
And now, the report.
Moon set morning.

Streaked sky.
Driving by this tree, I only now realize how shapely and majestic it REALLY is.  Kind of like the duck pond....
Love the sky...
Had to laugh when I saw what I captured here....
Microcosm.  Beautiful isn't it?  Can anyone guess where this is? 
Wild rose bud.
I'm sending you a whole bouquet of roses.....
Cotton accumulation.
Jim's favorite way to rid the yard of said cotton.
Mamma coon.
Sunshine and steam.
Jim pointed out mist on the screen.  Looks kind of cool!
Bud and blossom.
Pink peony.
Resident hawk.
Nature's jewel.
Sun kissed waters.
Big bang theory.
Rooster, coming in for a landing.
What patterns in their feathers!
Ford leans.
There are two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle - Albert Einstein.

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