Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Kolden Report: Wild Horse Stampede, July 2012

Hi, kids!
Here is part one of Thursday's Wild Horse Stampede (July 12th), the Grand Daddy of rodeos!
Truly TOUGH enough to wear pink!
Pick up man, making it look easy. 
Premature bucking.
Tail feathers!
The expression on this cowboy's face says it all. 
Looking for a way out....
Who hit the "eject" button?
Lots of air between cowboy and saddle.
Synchronicity.  (This is my favorite shot of the rodeo.)
Rough landing.
Going over backward?
How it's done.
Equine ballet.
Where  "team work" originated.
Stay tuned for the Wild horse race and the luminary lighting....
It is good to learn what to avoid by studying the misfortunes of others.
Publius Syrius

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