Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Kolden Report: Call of the Wild, day two, part two, September 21, 2012.

Hi, kids!
There is no river crossing for many miles, save the Mclelland-Stafford ferry. 
It's located in a very scenic spot.
South shore.
The car belonged to the  friendly ferry operator, who fished from the ferry while waiting for traffic. 
Ferry, reflected. 
River of glass.  (Mirrored glass!)
Chokecherry, reflected. 
Ferry, docked.
Calm water.
Evening magnificence.
Tropical oasis or Missouri River?
Golden hour.   A favorite...
Sundown shores.
Night shooting.  Am going to learn how to to take great night shots.  Our skies are phenomenal here, no light pollution, lots of stars....perfect to practice with.
A bit later.
Darker yet.  (Like what I got here.....a lot!)
Much later.  Still good!
The big dipper - pointing to the North star.
Again, much darker.
LONG exposure.  Am tickled to see how much detail you can capture after dark, even though I did get star trails from exposing so long. 
Coming soon:  Day three. 
Keep yourself cool and equal for anything that may happen, and it will be the better for you. - Bleak House

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