Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Kolden Report: Call of the wild, day two part one, September 21, 2012

Hi, kids!

We woke to find a beautiful fall day unfolding along the river.
A great place to be!

Early morning Missouri.

The bigger picture.

Window on the sky.

Pond scum is beautiful!  (The white "stuff" must have been almost gelatinous to coat everything so uniformly!  -Stuart, is there a poem in there somewhere?)

The spec's are bugs!

Coyote stare.

Prairie totem.

Just 63 short miles, across good road (as you can clearly see) Chinook!

Prairie cemetery.

Creek bottom.

Shack jail.

Artful arrangement.

Post parade.

Creek bottom color.

Slivers of the past.

Rake rests.
Road less traveled.

Babbling brook.

Prairie pool.

Mulie coulee.

Fall colors, Montana style.

Great place for a homestead!

Layers of color.

Big country.

Hidden gem.  Seems to be full of the dreaded Eurasian watermilfoil!

Shapely drainage.

Cattail colors.

Prairie pond.

Sign preventing the average Joe from driving into public lands via Bushwhacker coulee road.  Apparently some greedy person bought land between the public lands and closed access, virtually locking up 1000's of acres of rugged and beautiful and gamy country.  We drove up to find a GUARD, prohibiting access unless we had an elk or sheep tag.  Then, only a limited # of hunters would be allowed in per day (10 I THINK).  We informed the guard that we only wanted to pass through to the public lands, hunting nothing.  We were refused.  More and more, this type of thing happens.  Unfortunately, the only recourse is to ask the BLM or state or whomever, to build an alternative route into the public lands, that these folks are holding hostage.  You can bet it's not a Montana native citizen carrying on like this!  And, whoever they are....they should be ashamed of themselves.  Remember:  you get what you GIVE. 

The road less traveled, in bloom.

We heard jets, then three booms and then saw these three contrails in the sky.  The military was on maneuvers!

The jet(s) were hard to spot or to capture as they were flying fast, rolling, diving and climbing.  Pilots at play? 

A VERY long way from nowhere!
Coming up....Night along the Missouri.
Ride on!  Rough-shod if need be, smooth-shod if that will do, but ride on!  Ride over all obstacles and win the race. - David Copperfield

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