Friday, February 1, 2013

The Kolden Report: Call of the Wild, Day Three, September 22, 2012

Hi, kids!
Wanting to capture day break over the river, I drug myself out to see how the day was shaping up.
A hint of light colored the eastern sky.

Western hills.
Hunters perhaps, racing toward the ferry.
Layers of light.
Sun appears.

Molten gold.

GOOD morning!
Reflection appears.
Rugged shores.
Approaching the ferry, we noticed it headed across to pick up this vehicle, waiting.  The ferry operator spotted us and put on the brakes.  He came BACK and picked us up!

The friendly chap mentioned the ferry was new and that he would be canning the fish he caught while waiting for cars,  using a new recipe.  I wondered what the old recipe was?

The big picture, as he returns to the north shore with his load.  Notice the house?  That is the ferry operator's quarters.  I wonder if he lives there year round?  Would be a TOUGH place to get out of in the winter....

A closer look.  We are fortunate to have the ferry as a way to cross the Mighty Missouri .  Your tax dollars pay for them, so take a drive and ride across!  You won't regret it.
On the Southern shore, a hunting "camp". 
Wild and winding river.
Prairie pond.
Carved channel.

I think of Lewis and Clark's journey and how difficult it must have been going UPSTREAM.
...and how BEAUTIFUL.

Seemed so odd to be in a land, where time has stood still yet in the air....the future.
Riverside monolith.

A glimpse into the wild.

Islands in the stream.

Mulie doe, mid bite.
Spider's lair.
Trail disappears.  Moisture from last year caused a major slough.

One of my favorites.
Impassable when wet.

Weeds, in white.
Crowd, watching the elk.
Striated sky.
The tongue-that is the pen of the heart. - The Talmund

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