Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Kolden Report: Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery, March 27, 2014

Hello, kids!



If you enjoy all things surgical, this report is for you.

Again, if you are squeamish, STOP reading here!  It's about to get graphic....

I reported for duty at the Surgery Center.    The typical procedure was followed after check in, height, weight, vital signs, application of compression stockings and disposable hat,  cleansing of the surgical site, nerve block insertion under ultrasound (freaky but effective) and trip to the OR.

  I am very fortunate that I was allowed to stay awake into the OR and could see the tools, space, crew, etc.  I brought art cards and distributed them throughout the suite, thanking the crew for their work in repairing me - in advance. 

Then, it was lights out and time for the procedure.

Intubated and anesthetized OR.....all trussed up and nowhere to go. 

Insertion of tools.  Love all the drawings.  Road map to success?

Procedure in progress.  Notice my arm is wrapped tightly to prevent swelling? 

Saline is pumped continuously through the surgical site to allow clear vision for the surgeon.  How interesting!  If you want to see more, you go here to watch an actual surgery:  (skip the ad)

After the procedure, I woke to find myself being dressed and a cryo cuff being attached to my shoulder.   This handy-dandy device contains iced water which circulates through a cuff.  I wore this continuously for the first few days. 

One funny thing happened.  Due to the nerve block, you can't feel or move your blocked appendage.  I woke in the night and as I stood up, my arm fell out of the  sling and slapped against my thigh.  I screamed!  In my mind, that was NOT my arm since I had no feeling in it.

Up next:  Nicaragua!  (Also known as traveling with one arm is a real challenge!) 


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