Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Kolden Report: Happy 83rd Birthday, Dad!

     Hello, kids!

Tomorrow is my Dad's 83rd birthday, a day he shares with my Grandfather Bruce who has gone before us.  These few old photos are but snippets of a life long, rich and full of LIVING.    This report is for YOU, Dad.  Thank you for my blue eyes,  the life lessons and congratulations on your well lived life.   Happy Birthday!   I love you much.

This couple, my Grandfather Arthur Dewey Forsness and Grandmother Cora Lillian Haugland Rusche Forsness, known as Art and Lil, brought Dad into the world in 1931.

He was a VERY cute baby, in the washbasin on the prairie.

His big sister June Rusche, on duty as babysitter. 

With his pal, Duron Frazier.  (Dad's on the left.)

At the ripe old age of 10 (Dad, third from left.)

Little drummer boy (in the marching band.) 

Graduating, with Marbie Hanson.

I remember this coat!

Fine ride.

At his brother Bob's place with Don Tymofichuk. 

Married to  a "really nice girl", my Mother JoAnn, as he wrote to his Grandmother Aletha Forsness to tell her of his impending nuptials. 

On their honeymoon with Dad's Aunt and Uncle.

Dad and Uncle Oscar, clowning around.

He's just a kid!

In the Army now.   Thanks for your service, Dad!

This is so Dad....vest and silk scarf at the neck in winter. 

His leather coat hangs in my closet today.    It's FILLED with memories.

Dad and siblings with their Mother.  Left to right, Dad,  Aunt Arlene, Gramma Lil, Uncle Bob, Aunt June.

Riding Strawberry Roan.    But where are the cows?

Look show SHINY and in love they are!  This is my favorite photo of Dad at this age. 

In California.  This may have been their anniversary.  Probably in the 80's.  Far, far away from the cows and irrigated hay ground and wheat fields that demanded his attention every day of his life. 

I asked Dad why he was wearing two aprons embroidered with "WIFE" (Women Involved in Farm Economics) and speaking or singing into a microphone.  He's not sure but perhaps it was when Mom was president of the organization.  Looks like he's having fun!

Stay tuned:  Mom's birthday is in March and she was every bit as cute as Dad!
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