Saturday, November 1, 2014

The Kolden Report: More Mother Nature.

Hello, kids!

Before I get to the report, I want to ask each of you to do ONE thing for yourself today.  Just one.  Do one simple thing that can make the biggest difference in your day.  That one simple thing is to love yourself.  Look yourself in the eyes (mirror required) and say, "Self - I love you."  Pay yourself a compliment.  Whether it be that you have great hair (or a FABULOUS bald head) or sparkling eyes or clear skin or the cutest button nose or a wonderful pair of ears.....just DO it.  If you can go deeper, do that too.  (Loving heart, bright mind, wicked sense of humor, patience of a saint,  etc.)  Be generous with yourself.  Keep going, until you've run out of "things" to compliment yourself on.    Then, take note of how the rest of your day goes for you.  Feel free to report back.

And now, the report!  I revisited the sandbar now that we are a few years post flood.  Things are a changing....and that is one of the few constants in life:  CHANGE.

Areas of our once scoured and  barren sand bar are now covered with vegetation and cottonwood trees! 

Evaporation's wake.  (Isn't it fascinating how cracks appear as moisture recedes along the shore due to fluctuating river levels?)

Trails such as these caught my eye.  What made them?

Grasshopper's "end of the trail". ( I felt  sadness realizing that this insect would not live to see another day.)

The bird tracks surrounding this muddy struggle, tell me that this captive creature fed another.    I was reminded of a lesson I learned many years ago while watching the TV show with Father Murphy.  He was searching for a lost girl in the desert, nearly dying himself, when he came upon fresh foliage springing up as if by miracle.  His thought at that instant (and he knew the girl was buried beneath the foliage) was this:  "Something must die, so that something might live."  Makes the cycle of life easier to fathom, doesn't it?

Birds, being light, easily tip toe through the muck.

The bigger picture.

At rest.  (This one really speaks to me.)

Shadows.  ("Hang loose, Bra....")

Textures.  (LOVE this one too.)

Trek to the "mount".  (Don't think it's going to make it BUT, something must die so that something might live.)

Sand bar stroll.  (Bird looking for breakfast, most likely.)

Fragile fronds.  (Kind of like it in black and white.  Seems so much simpler.)

Sun light and shadow.

Fall glory. 


Perfection, amidst chaos.

The shape of things to come.

Cranberry stems.

Willow wonder.

"Love yourself and everything else falls into line.  You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world." - Lucille Ball


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