Sunday, July 3, 2016

The Kolden Report: Prairie Glory.

Hello kids!

Back in the hills...

It's a wild flower year.  SO many blossoms abound.


If there be thorns...

Closer look.

Battle scar?

Beneath.  (This is the bottom of a small creek.  I find myself fascinated by the silt covering the leaves, waiting to be washed away with the next rain like sorrows of the heart.)

Bigger picture.

 Prairie glory.  (Sweet peas with a sprinkling of bluebell. )

Colors of time.

What do you see? 

Robust!  (Blooms growing from a crack in STONE.  Nature is one amazing architect.)

So many flowers and no names!  Anyone?

Lek.  (We discovered 4 separate leks, where grouse dance.  Beaten down, littered with feathers...birds nearby.  Next year, we must visit earlier in hopes of catching the birds dancing.)

Puffball mushroom.  (Yes, we collected and ate them.  Delicious fried!  As a kid, we'd collect them in 5 gallon buckets in the pasture and bring them home for Mom to cook.)

Coulee color.

Acres.  (At first I was dismayed to see THIS many dandelion in one place but quickly realized the beauty.)

Group.  (Since these plants come from the root, is this an old plant?)

Gateway to heaven.  (Fort Peck lake).

Stay tuned for more!

"We can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves." - Dalai Lama


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