Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Kolden July 4, 2010 Report, Final day

After a lovely night's rest in Whitey, we made coffee and broke camp.  The wind was blowing and I noticed this foxtail bunch waving in the breeze.  Jim showed me how to run his camera so I took a few pictures.

I find the sandstone and adobe badland erosion so visually appealing!

We came across this brand spanking new, state of the art, unisex biffy on the prairie. 

Not only did this clean rest room have soft toilet paper but, art work to boot!

Art work was both on top of and under the lid!

Sandstone layers, perhaps once the ocean floor, begged to be photographed.

We came across an outstanding crop of peas and I had to taste one.  (They were wonderful.) 

This mulie doe was captured while in a delicate position.

She finished her business and bounded off..."boink, boink, boink"!

And then, we were home.  Another successful vacation come and gone.

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