Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Kolden Report: Call of the wild. September 20, 2012.nn

Hi, kids!
As has become our annual custom, we traveled west to Sipary Ann Creek to watch the elk cavort.  Here is day one of our camping adventure along the Upper Missouri River Breaks.
Powerhouse pair.

Glasgow Great Grandparents.

The Wagenhals share my sentiments about life.  I'm sure that the afterlife is a better place due to their undoubtedly joyous arrival.

Highway hay herd.

Layered landscape.

Elk a-plenty

Tending the herd.

Hard to believe this heavily vegetated area was barren last year after the flood waters receded.

Watching the watchers.

The call of the wild.

Big Daddy.

Count 'em!  Then multiply....

Dinner time.

Regal pose.

A closer look.

Trio Tango.

Repelling intruders.

Bull chorus.

VERY busy.

The whole fam-damily. 

Pretty in pink.

Cow tells it like it is.

His majesty.

Stay tuned for part two....
This report is dedicated to my husband of 15 years- on September 20th, the day these images were captured.  Thanks for the memories, Jim!

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