Friday, August 9, 2013

The Kolden Report: She's BAAAAACK! August 9, 2013

Hi, kids!

My system went kaput and after much ado, I have a new one.  Trouble is Windows 8.  I am not loving it nor do any of the VERY smart people I have contacted to help me figure out how to do what.  Anyone out there loving Windows 8?  

I am now forced to use gmail and I don't quite have the functionality that I had in my old software.  The plus side is I DO have spell check.  You will see email from this address, at least for now although just creating this teensy report was fairly painful and I don't have the formatting options I enjoyed in the past.  

Also, I have had to create my address book from scratch and it's highly likely that some of you receiving this email do not belong on the subscriber list.    If so, please "reply" and simply type "unsubscribe".  I'll take care of the rest.   

I am nearly a month behind but that's okay.  Gonna have to be!

I have a few images for you today that I had ready before the computer woes began so we'll start with those.  Eventually I'll get the needed software together and get a flow going but until then, thanks for your patience!

Inline image 2
Blue skies....smiling on me.

Inline image 5
 I'd rather have one flower from the garden of a friend...

Inline image 6
Purple paradise

"Good things come to those who wait." 

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