Friday, August 16, 2013

The Kolden Report: Wild Horse Stampede! Wolf Point, MT July 2013

Hello, kids!

Nancy and Elizabeth, of River Valley Traders in the Fort Peck Hotel, have chosen to call it quits.  If you haven't stopped in to shop, best go  in the next few weeks or you'll never have the chance.    If you are interested in owning their store, you can contact them at  Thanks to both of them for their efforts these past few years.   You will be missed!

Wolf Point hosts the "Grandaddy of rodeo", The Wild Horse Stampede, each July.  This year was no exception and here are highlights from the event.  Enjoy!

Inline image 11

EGADS!  (Think these fellows are in good shape?  Yep....)

Inline image 12

Cooter?  Is that you?  (But seriously.....riding these broncs takes skill and strength, both of which this cowboy certainly has).

Inline image 20

Pickin' up.  Notice how easy he makes it look to grab a cowboy from the back of a bucking bronc while galloping down the arena? ( I love the flowy chap fringe and horse's mane.)  

Inline image 4

Clay Nagle dives off a perfectly good horse to grab a running steer.  

Inline image 5


Inline image 14

Inline image 6

Again, from the top.

Inline image 7
Diving off....

Inline image 10

The MISS!  (Poor fellow, looks like his shoulder took the brunt of the fall but I'm told he was not injured!  Lucky.)

Inline image 15

Cowboy "ejection".

Inline image 17

And he lands ON HIS FEET!  

Inline image 16

I'd yell too if a bronc was going over backward in the chute with me!

Inline image 18

This bronc kept rearing in the chute...this poor cowboy nearly got munched a number of times...

Inline image 21


Inline image 22

Four in the air.  (NOW he gets a chance to ride!)

Inline image 23

How it's DONE.

Inline image 24


Inline image 25

Tango for three.

Inline image 26

When cowboys comes to town.

Inline image 19

Why you should NEVER mess with a rodeo clown.

Inline image 1

Percheron Thunder!  This man is something else.  He rides two horses at once - STANDING- and none of them have any gear but a headstall.  Can you say "WELL TRAINED?"  This act was worth the price of admission many times over.  

Inline image 1

Wild Horse racers, working hard for the money.
Inline image 2

Cowboy chaos.

Inline image 13

In memory of Vicki Kolden Rhoads.  

"Your life and mine shall be valued not by what we take....but by what we give."  
    - Edgar Allen

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