Friday, April 11, 2014

The Kolden Report: About Town. (Granada that is). April 10th, 2014

     Hello, kids!

So many interesting sites to see in Granada, Nicaragua.  Now,   I'm drinking Las Flores, volcano grown Nicaraguan coffee as I write this and it's almost as if I were back, sitting on Jay's lanai overlooking Apoyo Lagoon and Masaya Volcano!

Concrete "crew".  (Most jobs are done by hand and labor can be had for a small fee.)

Love the colorful, narrow streets.  The tangle of wires makes me think the wind must never blow too hard here. 

Decorative, narrow sidewalks and colorful paint jobs frame ancient streets.

Taller buildings rise up as typical in most "cities" although there are no skyscrapers in Granada. 

One stop shopping?  Pharmacy, internet AND used book sales.  I wish I had looked at the books to see what language they were.

Meet Said (sigh-eed), Luis (loo-ees) and their sister Helena..the princess. 

Wide, old, orange boards. 


Hotel dance hall.  Love the tile floors and can just imagine lively, noisy crowds dancing in the warm tropical air in celebration on some important occasion.

Fancy foliage found poolside.

Spotted leaves.

Helena swims.

Smiling Said.

Cute as a....well....cute as a Bug!

Helena having fun!

Confidence.  This little one amazed me.  She'd leap into the pool (deep end) and sink...then rise to the top, climb out (with the help of her mother) and then repeat the process.  Over and over and over and over again.  Then, she floated.  Her mother said this was all new for her that she'd really "blossomed".  I should SAY! 

So many things were "westernized" yet others remained much the same as they had for centuries.  Curious mix.

I love this one!  Nothing like swimming lessons  for wee ones.


A chip of the "Auntie Jean" block!

His.  (Clever way to indicate restroom gender.)

Hotel hallway.

Mariachi band.  The handmade instruments and the singers silver adorned pants made them a sight to behold.

Street side dining.   

Old hospital.  (I think.  Jay, is this correct?)  Parts of this majestic old building had been stripped and hauled away by those less fortunate.  Now, a cuidador guards what remains. 

Stay tuned.  Up next:  Mama's house and meet Little Jay!


"You have power over your mind - not outside events.  Realize this and you will find strength." - Marcus Aurelius

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