Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Kolden Report: Hello, Helena! April 9th, 2014

Hello, kids!

Happy Birthday to my nephew Nathan, tomorrow!  Nate, you have always had a special place in my heart.  I have such fond memories of your bedtime reading of choice at the age of 5 (Encyclopedia Brittanica) and your 2nd grade aspirations, to be THE Vice President and an astronaut.  And did you ever look cute in your sweater vest and tie!  And now, you have a beautiful, smart wife and daughter to complete you.  You will always be number one in my eyes and I wish you a long and happy life. 

In case any of you were wondering, you will be deferred from donating blood for one year, after visiting parts of Nicaragua such as Granada and Masaya (town, country or volcano).  Apparently these areas are on the Red Cross watch list for Malaria transmission. 

And now, back to Granada!

Tiny translator.  This is Helena who is ALMOST 4, in her school uniform.   She patiently repeated words in Spanish for me to learn.  This is our first meeting and she's a bit shy but displays very good manners.  Since she is hungry, we go for lunch. 

Sometimes, there is a CAR behind those carved wooden doors with the sculpted steel shutters!

Nicaraguan version of the pizza delivery man. 

And soon we were ensconced in an Americanized cafe that offered pizza. 

Looks alot like any US pizzaria, doesn't it?  Except for one thing...

There is no roof over the central courtyard and the crows enjoy a quick dip in the "pool".  They also enjoyed a hop about the floor, looking for crumbs or a hand out. 

Helena is still feeling shy.  (Beautiful little girl, isn't she?)

Turns out the facilities are just like those of home. 

Quite an entryway!

Many peddlers line the town square, a must see for tourists.  Imagine they haul their carts back home sometime after dark only to return the next morning.

Peddlers in the shade.  

No horse required.  (Notice the gringo shirt?)

Cuidador's dream.  (Historic building but no inhabitants.  Love the broken stone "pavers".)

Taxi, outside the "Ricky Glamour Chic" Salon. 

School girls.  All the children wore uniforms, specific to their particular school.   And all of their white's were white which is amazing since some laundry is done by hand.   Fortunately, the girl on the right has on an undershirt since she is having a blouse mishap - which I didn't notice until reviewing these images!

Tile roof.  Must be quite heavy.  And is that the "street sign" in red and white on the pole?  I can only imagine what it's like for a tourist to find their way around at night.....

At first, we thought "cuidador".  But no, I suspect homeless.  Fortunately, it is 70 at night and this is the dry season. 

Not your typical "Best Western" sign. 

Sunglass sales.  We saw  a LOT of this.  It looks like he may have a government ID, perhaps allowing him to sell legally?

Dung or dirt?  This old wall appears to have gone through fire, perhaps in 1812?  See here for history of Granada:

Now we're warming up to "Auntie Kitty!"

Lake Nicaragua. 

Dock side improvements.

My model.

The "Eyes" have it!  (Right after she attempted to teach me how to say "lake" in Spanish.)

Amelia Duran was here!

Up next:   Swim and sup.


"The revelation of thought takes men out of servitude into freedom."  - Ralph Waldo Emerson

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