Friday, April 25, 2014

The Kolden Report: Managua Morning, Nicaragua. April 25, 2014

     Hello, kids!

So many things we saw  were so out of the ordinary, in Nicaragua! 

Pairs of oxen pulling overloaded, rickety looking carts, frequented the roadways.

Too much slack.  Looks like the one oxen needs some adjustment!

One horse hitch.  Hauling water - many have no source of water at their home.  At least he owns a horse and wagon!

Even kids "drive".  And the whole family rides!  Tires look a bit bald though.

How you get the groceries home.  Makes my neck hurt to look at him!


Homespun clothesline.  I noticed they turn the pants inside out when line drying them.  Suppose it's to keep them clean in case they fall to the ground?

Major mural.

24 hour lodging. 

Cargill, Nicaragua style.

Victoria's furniture.  Love those rockers!

Public transport.  Uptown ride!

Disco bar?  Is it 1982 again?

"Do the hustle!"

Sort of translates to "for sale, sold".  What? 

The trash man cometh. 

This view surprised me.  I saw little open country in Nica.  I wondered who might own this large, unpopulated parcel?

Managua.  Most fast foods could be found there.

Closed Mondays but open 10 hours every OTHER day of the week. 

Vendors set up near larges businesses to cater to the workers, I suppose. 

  Hamberguesas. (Burgers)   Auto mac (drive through?)  Desayuno (breakfast). 

7-11, Managua style.

Repairing the roof.  New tiles going up!

Stay tuned, more Managua to come!


"A friend is someone who gives you total freedom to be yourself." - Jim Morrison

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