Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Kolden Report: Mother Nature's Gifts.

Hello, kids!

I'm listening to the voices on the howling winds, telling of storms to come.  Gusts of warmth, scatter and shape the falling leaves.   And I'm working images, looking back at my life these past few months, reliving the powerful emotions of  wonder, hope, joy, the cycle of life .  We are surrounded by beauty, if only we would truly open our eyes and see.

Here, is what I've seen.  Enjoy!

First light.  (With every new day, comes a promise.)

Mottled skies, defining the fluidity of life.

The cosmos?  (This life is so much bigger than each of us.  "The sum of the whole is much greater than that of its parts.")

Big "Bang" theory?  ( Reminiscent of a star filled sky.)

LET THERE BE LIGHT!  (Star filled galaxy?  Nope.  Welding flare!  For me, it's about being able to appreciate the beauty in ordinary, every day occurrences.)

Back side bliss.  (Why does the toad feel safest with its back to me?  Out of site, out of mind?)

Day break alfalfa.  (Each days begins anew, different...yet unchanged.  The sun DOES come up but it NEVER looks the same doing it.)

Fawn fascination.  (Today's youth = the future of tomorrow.)

Loveliness, as far as the eye can see.  (Didn't even have to LOOK to find the beauty in THIS day.)

Let there be LIGHT!  (Each day, the sun rises at a different time than the day prior. )

HOT footing!  (This group of young pheasants are learning to be wary.  Albeit slowly but, they ARE learning.)

Chillin'.  (Young birds, learning how to BE.)

Last dog to be hung.  (Did you ever wonder at the origins of this sentence?  I did.  Criminals due to hang were called, "Dogs".)

How the world is fed.  (Grain  a-plenty.)

Fuzzy-Wuzzy.  (Another of nature's miracles.  Stiff hairs poke out from orange bumps, in clumps!  Clever....)

Sun seeker. (Showing it's appreciation with one final burst of beauty.)

Electric yellow,  (I'm fascinated with the light, sometimes more is more...sometimes more is LESS.)

Patterned fractures.  (Even something as simple as soil drying and cracking, holds a fascination for me.)

Up next:  More!

"It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see." - Henry David Thoreau


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