Monday, May 28, 2012

Bumblebees and butterflies, May 28, 2012

Hi, kids!
Today is Memorial Day, a time to reflect upon and give thanks to those who lost their lives defending our freedoms.  No greater love hath one man, than the man who sacrifices his life for the freedom of others. 
Thank you ALL for your service. 
Now, the report!
Crooked smile.
The eclipse, shot through Jim's welding lens.   Not the greatest shot but I was amazed that it turned out at all!
The interpretive center at Fort Peck, MT.  For those of you who've not been, it's worth a stop.  This is the 75th anniversary of the dam and festivities are planned for June 23rd. 
Homestead shack.
Wiota bottom.
Duck, napping.
Back lit butterfly.
Sun washed.
Perfect pose.
Love the striped legs and antenna.
Many bees have come to feast on chive blossoms.  While observing them I found at one time of the day, only ONE bee with orange stripes was feeding, the rest were plain black and yellow.  Later in the day, there were NONE with the orange stripes....only the black and yellow fellows.  I've asked for more info from the local bee growers, will report back on that later. 
Bees often JUMP from one bloom to the next.
How to defy gravity.
Another leap! and sound!

Coming soon:  Wet  and wonderful camping!

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