Sunday, May 6, 2012

River reflections, of the multiple kind. 5-6-12

Hi kids!
Has been a big week for me.  My nephew Nate, graduated from Iowa State University.  He now has a master's in computer science to go with his bachelor's degrees in math and computer science.    Am wishing him all the best in life, he's earned it!
This report is a mix of my week in pictures and a day spent along the river.  Enjoy!
Blushing blossoms.
Pepe' LePeau stopped by for a visit.
Rooster runs.
Muskrat "wake" ...
I followed the muskrat along the river bank only to have it crawl up on a log and chew it a bit before slipping back into the water.   
Birthday bloom.

Spider mum.
Countryside steams.
Hawk perch.  We have a pair nesting quite near the house!
The corps is releasing 10,000 cfs, as evidenced by the foamy water.

Three's a crowd.
Delicate feather.
Missouri meanderings (deer). 
Dark shadows...
Sprouts emerge.  (Look at how RICHLY colored the sand is....)
Pothole reflection.
Snag and sky.
Backwaters form when river water soaks through the sand, filling depressions.
Beaver slide.
Sodden feather.
Caramel colored river foam. 
Dew drops dangle.

Beaver cafe.  They have continued to chew the bark on this large cottonwood, all winter.  Waste not, want not!
Pothole blown by flood waters.  Shifting sands are attempting to fill it back in.
Meandering deer.
Beaver tracks (right).  Path made when branches are drug to the water.  Beavers must have strong necks!
Float or fly?
Pothole fills.
Two flew over the cottonwood log...
I was delighted to discover a clutch of copulating blue beetle bugs clinging to willow branches.
Anybody home?
Sand, manicured by nature.  Water, frothed by motion.
More blown holes.  Beaver pass through these on their way to cut cottonwood.  For fun, I wonder?
Goose egg.
...along came a spider....
Double sky.
North shore.
The big picture.
Shifting sands (aka:  river redistribution).  Be CAREFUL if you are out on the river.  You can't always tell how far undercut the bank is.  I could hear splashing all day long, as huge chunks of bank gave way. 
Teeny feather.
Love the sculpted sandbar.
Lone cone.  (Floated down from who knows where?)
Snake trail?
Closer view...
Somewhere under the cloud cover.....
Rusty remnants.
Little house on the river bottom.
Meadowlark SINGS!
'The future depends on what we do in the present.' - Mahatma Gandhi
As always, feel free to share the Kolden Report, as you wish. 

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