Friday, September 14, 2012

The Kolden Report: It's a Bugs Life, September 14, 2012

Hi, kids!
Welcome  newcomers!   It's great to have you "along for the ride".   Feel free to share the Kolden Report as you wish.  At the bottom of all reports, you will find a link to my website and to the reports online. 
In other news, congratulations go out to Stuart and's wishing you much happiness together. 
Now, a short report!  (And no, I still do not have functioning spell check.)
We had visitors last week...and not just one... 

The horn end is the tail, not the head. 
Interesting suction type device "under the tail".  Notice that the whole family is out grazing?  They were all different shades, some were light, some darker.  Wondered if diet influences color? 

Fat and sassy.

It would be handy to have so many "hands".  Just think of the work we could get done!

Fuzzy caterpillar, just cruising on by.  Hard to capture as it didn't stop moving!
Love the egg shaped eyeball, polka-dot wing, and spiky crab- like legs.

Along the river, the blue beetle brigade marches on.

Stunning against the green foliage.

Must have tough feet to stroll the stickery burrs.

What is this stout plant?  It had just burst forth through the sand, partly in bloom. 
One today is worth a thousand tomorrows.  - unknown

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