Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Kolden Report: Spectacular skies and what lies beneath them. August 31, 2012

Hi, kids!
I have some updates from the past few reports, thanks to some sharp eyed subscribers!  When I captured the shot of the hog nose snake up north some months ago, I had read that the hog nose WAS a bull snake and thus interchanged the names.  Hog nose snakes and bull snakes are cousins.  Dragon flies wings cannot fold to their bodies.  Damsel flies do.  The blue dragon flies were actually damsel flies.  And, still no definite ID on the small, green berry found along Fort Peck Lake that resemble gooseberries.  The berry is right, the plant is wrong. 
We've had some beautiful skies lately - pink sunrises, red sunsets.  It is the silver lining in the cloud that is fire burning.

Happy accident.  (This is what you get when you just point and shoot, paying no attention to your camera settings!)

Fence line fog. 

Into the mist....

Two for one.  (This shot is for those of you former Wolf Pointers who always seem to appreciate yet ONE more photo of the bridge!)

Painted water.

Juvenile hawk (out the window!)

Nothing runs like a Deere...

Leaning beauty.

Tucked truck.

Ford face II.

Love the art deco emblems car makers used to use. 

The road home.

Waxing moon rise.

Prairie goose pond.



Straw crop.

LONG shadows.  (Michelle, if these look familiar to you, they should!)


Field filled plateau.

Love lichen!

Highway # 528.  (Yes, this is a GOOD road for those of you out of staters!)

Why river miles are many.

My FAVORITE berry, ever.  Bull berry, aka buffalo berry.  So beautiful and SO TART!  Makes delicious jelly.  Long stickers, hard to pick.   (Have done it though!)   Wait until the first killing frost, spread your tarp or blankets on the ground and with a long stick, beat the bush.  Berries fall like rain.  Gather the tarp, pick the sticks and leaves, make some jelly....and send me some!

Hard to imagine that a photograph can make your mouth water!  Looking at these plump berries does just that, for me. 

Pink morning.

Missouri moment.

Am enamored of the pink sunrises!

Two days running!
The best portions of a good man's life, - his little, nameless, unremembered, acts of kindness and love.  - Wordsworth.

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