Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Kolden Report: Sandbar revisited. September 1, 2012

Hi, kids!
Today's report has been created in honor of those who are grieving.  I hope it brings you a moment of peace. 
Now, the report.....
I looked out the window at the large, pink ball creeping over the treeline yesterday morning and began lacing my boots.  Hadn't been to the river in a while.  The changes are remarkable!

Well traveled waterhole.  The river is 100 feet away.  Why, do the animals prefer to drink here? 

Some of you probably remember this old fence from my flood series last year.  Now, it's high and dry and surrounded by foliage.
An "ahhhhhhhhhhhhh" moment.

Mop-haired island, magenta sky.

Sun's brush strokes.

One year ago, the sand bar was underwater.  This spring, it was scoured bare.  Now, lush foliage abounds.

The kind of moment that makes you stop and stare.

Upriver, I spotted this oddity.  At first glance, I thought fungus?  Dead foliage?

Upon closer inspection, I discovered it was a MAJOR gathering of blue beetles.

They were devouring the young willows, bark, stem and all!

Golden glow.

Lemon petals.
Champagne world.

Was I ever pleased to spot the voracious blue beetles on a burr bush!  Maybe they'll eat them too?

Remember this log from the spring river reports?  Look at it now, swallowed in new growth!

Burr bliss.
Upriver, a lone red willow...being devoured by the blue beetle bridage.

Fall's paint brush.

Wild flower parade.  (Liping and Linda, this one is for you!)
Nature is the best artist.  Look at the growth pattern.....reminds me of spinch or some lettuces.  Wonder if it's edible?

Back lit beauty.

Mother nature's "dance floor". 

Nose to the wind, I spotted this coyote cavorting near a water hole. 

He didn't spot me at first.... but when he did!!!!

One of my favorite shots in this batch. 

How fancy stitching originated!  (Reminds me of a stitch my grandmother used on a necktie quilt.)

The path, less traveled.
The less the fire, the greater the smoke.

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