Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Kolden Report: This, that and the other, part one. 12-22-12

Hi, kids!
Today's report is dedicated to the Rensvold family who mourn the loss of Leroy.  I wish you all peace. 
Once again, I welcome new subscribers!  Enjoy, feel free to share and comment or question as you wish.  It's all good!
Now, the report...

If you see this woman delivering your packages, wish her well.  Sister Cindy is WEEKS away from retirement!  After MANY years behind the wheel  AND running the local center - she's about to hang up her brown uniform.  Congratulations Sis....your last Christmas is nearly under your belt.  I can't wait to see how you reinvent yourself!

Hope the mailman has gloves!

Silver sentry.

Snug as a bug in a rug.

Nature's flocking.

Frosted foliage.

Dill bliss. 
Shades of gray. 

Peaceful, easy feelin'.

Flocked stem.

Foreign world.

Curly queues. 

Winter wonderland.

Edge of the world?

Being a fog lover, I laid down in the snow and took it all in...
wide eyed with wonder at the beauty before me, 
comforted by soft fog and snowy silence.

River's edge.  (Hard to tell that's water, isn't it?)

Mother Nature's Christmas tree.

Finite world?  Or does it go on forever, just out of sight?

Branch bliss.

Soft surroundings.

And then there were three...

Dinner and a movie?


I can't believe I ate the WHOLE thing!

Quiet contemplation.

Berry Bliss.   (What ARE they?  Are they edible?)

The path to anywhere.

White Christmas.

Feathery frost.
Stay tuned for part two!
Take the world as it is, and try to make it what it ought to be.  - Unknown

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