Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Kolden Report: Winter Wonderland. December 8, 2012

Hello, kids!
We woke to find a winter wonderland yesterday.  On my way to and from town, I gathered enough material for a short report.  My creative needs have been satisfied (for now) the process, several ideas have formed for future reports!  Yippee, Skippy!
I am sad to say that I missed the Grand Opening of "Prairie Pickin's" in Circle, MT.  Connie has an assortment of "big city" truffles (my favorite being the sea salt) and other candies, unusual coffees, jams,  hand woven denim rugs, flowers and unique gift ideas.  Stop in and see her next time through Circle, Wednesday through Saturday, noon to 6pm (I think).  And if you go....please bring me some truffles! 
Now, on to the report!

Winter wonderland.

Flocked foliage.

Hello, WINTER.


Crystalline coat. 

Into the drink...

Sliver of river.  (Amazing how perspective changes the same view, isn't it?)

Silver striations. 

Frosted tuft.

Shapely shore ice.  (And is this the dreaded Eurasian Watermilfoil AGAIN?)

Scenic shores.

The world is black.  The world is white....


What once was is found.  (Bonnie, I will be returning this to the library however it has suffered some damage). 

Coincidental title...

Little Miss "Can't be Wrong".

"Udder" disbelief!

Silver shores.


...and drinking.

A good "flocking".

Bullberry bliss. 
Ride on, but look before you.  - Unknown

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