Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Kolden Report: Menagerie.

     Hello, kids! 

I'm all the way up to June now.  I intend to catch up before the snow flies!  This report contains shots from every day life.  Enjoy!

Cindy's blooms. 

Cindy's daisies.

Cindy's honeysuckle.

Cindy's peony.

Did we have COTTON this year or what?  The sky was FILLED with it.  Look at the huge clusters of it hanging thickly in the trees!

Iris.  These remind me of my Aunt June, who has passed this earth after living a long and rich life.  Miss you, Auntie! 

This is Lukie.  He is 19 years old, hard of hearing, obstinate, standoffish and has a penchant for canned cat food, naps and steel fur brushes.


Hantavirus on the hoof.  A whole family of hantavirus. 

But they are cute!  Soft brown fur, tiny pink "fingers", big eyes and ears.  As long as they stay outside, I'm good. 

Cotton "ball".

Day, breaking.

Bees love chives.


Hen slinking. 

I'll say one thing about truck drivers:  They park in a nice, neat line. 

And on the right, the Volvo A40D.  I drove it!  Hauled 68 loads my best day.  Didn't tip it over, either. 

Here she is again, in all her glory.  40 ton, articulated, automated rock truck.  I'm told they are "made to tip over".  Just need a very large implement to right the box when it does.  The cab is designed not to tip.  Imagine this design came from a long series of tip-overs. 

And this is what loaded the Volvo A40D.  About 6 bucket fulls to be exact.  (This is also what is required to right a "wronged" A40D too.)    I was told that you can't back into the hoe if the operator is paying attention.  He'll slam the bucket down in the bed of your truck as you back up,  not only bringing you to a dead stop but  waking you UP as well. 

The face of Pete.

This is a stacker (conveyor) for material.  I learned how to operate this little fella too. 

Material RAINS off the end of this when it's running full tilt. 

Love how the bins blend with the gray sky.

THANKS, to Melvin and Kay Johnson for their generous contributions to the new fire hall in Circle. 

Named for Mel and Kay and rightly so.

She's vintage, alright.

Up next:  Rainbows and catfish. 

"Peace comes from within.  Do not seek it without."  - Buddha


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