Saturday, April 7, 2012

Chasing Beavers.......March 6, 2012

Hi, kids!
Happy Birthday yesterday to sister Cindy!
I have a few odd shots taken during a drive about in the oilfields of eastern Montana to share first.
Art deco well insignia.

Sulphide gas flames.
Weeds bow their heads at sunset.
My daily commute last week provided a few shots of the river.
Bare branch trees, reflected.
Wide angle.
Golden light.
Ice chunks jockey for position at the Bridge park.
The corps is dropping the level of the Missouri River again.  I had to see the changes.
Thick clouds backed by blue sky, reflected.  Not a breath of wind blew.
Ever changing sky.
Fluffy feather.
Nature had weighted this feather down with sand...
Moonrise on the Missouri.
Cloud cover clears.
Snow, shadow and sand.
Gift from a goose.
And another.
Love the textures of the wet sand.
Water like glass.
Textures meet.
And yet another!  The receding waters left sand bars exposed.  Geese had been taking advantage it.
If only it was warm enough to wade!
Melting icebergs line the shore.
Stay tuned, part two coming up!

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