Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Kolden Report: Sunday, April 15, 2012.

Hi, kids!
Many thanks to all of you good folks who came out to support me in Glasgow at the Walleye's Unlimited Vendor day.  It was great to put faces to names and also to see those of you who I DO know!    I so enjoy hearing your comments and discussing my photos. Thanks also to Rosa Frost for all of her help there.  I REALLY appreciate it!   
Some of you already know that I now have my website up,  photos posted and will continue to improve it and add to it, as time goes on.  You can view/share it here:
Realizing that many of you are saving the "Kolden Reports" on your computers, I fear that one day you will find your hard drives full!  As a result I have resumed posting the "Kolden Reports" on my blog.  You can find some of the older reports and all the latest here:
Lastly, if you are so moved to comment on any of my reports, please feel free to do so.
Now, on to the report!
Chokecherry bush buds.
One calm, cool, cloudy commute.  I LOVE the clouds reflected.
Perfect pair.  (Funny but at the time I didn't notice the "white" thing.)
A closer look and tribute to the cottonwood tepee.  Someone has destroyed it and the riverbank again stands alone. 
Sunrise sky.
Sometimes, I wish I had a telescope camera. 
Shifting sands.  High winds have been reshaping the sandbar as evidenced by the sloping shoulders shown here.   The tree-lined north shore of the Missouri, visible through the haze.
Solitary sunrise.
Down River.
Moon rise butte.
Sunrise bridge.
Meadowlark stare.
Happy Trails!

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