Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Kolden Report: River Update and a goose with seven eggs! 4-18-12

Hi, kids!, burn! 
How cormorants "dance".
"Sundown, you'd better take care...."   (Gordon Lightfoot)
River reflection.
How many patterns do you see on the rooster pheasant?
Rooster stroll.

Canada goose, hides on her nest.
The closer I got, the lower she crouched. 
Turning her head to get a better view.
TOO close for comfort. 

Seven viable eggs in a well feathered nest. 
This shoreline would normally be under water.  The river channel has been scoured clean and deep.
Waves lap.

The top of this sand bar is normally the river's edge.  I now FULLY understand how steamboats (and Lewis and Clark) navigated the river. 
Many pair of Canada geese guard the sand bar.
Spring growth.
Sprouts in ruby and lime. 
Floating in unison.
And again....
Large cottonwood, abandoned on the sandbar by receding waters. 
Buffalo bone, polished by blowing sands.
Rare occurrence along the Missouri:  gravel.
Ragged edge in soft sand.
Toe nailed tracks. 
What "busy as a beaver" looks like.
Do they come in ladies, size 10?
Thought for the day:
"If you realized how powerful your thoughts are, you would never think another negative thought."   - unknown

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