Friday, April 6, 2012

The Kolden Report: A study in crocus, the old bridge and photos found, March 31, 2012

Subject: The Kolden Report: A study in crocus, the old bridge and photos found, March 31, 2012

Hi, kids!
I've spent some time thinking about how we view the world around us.  Driving home, I noticed a small pothole alongside the road, that I'd never seen before, even though I have driven by it MANY times.  On this pothole were a pair of paddling ducks, right alongside the highway!  I would like to think of myself as observant but the duck pond is proof that I am not!  I would encourage each of you to be aware of your surroundings when out and about.  Look around you for the tiniest glimpses of beauty and wonder.   Stop and smell the flowers.  Find YOUR duck pond!
I'm dedicating today's report to my crocus loving friend,  Marlene who lost her father not so very long ago. 
The crocus bloom is in full swing.  Wind blown crocus are still gorgeous!
Chorus of crocus?
Buds and blooms.
Love the furry blooms!
Spiky green tendrils cling to the slender stem.
Nature's bouquet and a pair of bridges.
The following day, similar shot.  Notice how much farther the blooms have opened? 
The old bridge is gated on both ends.  Access is only granted for special occasions.
The zoom lens makes it appear MUCH shorter than it actually is!
It certainly appears narrow here!  Anyone who has ever driven over this bridge, knows that it IS narrow.  Remember meeting a semi on this bridge?  I do!  Once, when helping Larry Grimsrud and his kids move harvest equipment out south to the "Collins place".  I was towing their combine header on a trailer.  Larry was leading the pack and was to stop traffic so we could proceed across the bridge with our entourage of combines, trucks, etc.   He said to give him a few minutes after he got into position and then start across.  I followed instructions, waited and then headed across only to meet a semi!  I inched over to the right as far as I dared but, could see it was not far enough.  I continued to inch over until I heard the pinging of the header as it twanged against the bridge rails.  I made it across but the header suffered some damage! 
For you former Wolf Pointers, looking westerly...
I stopped again after work to look for new blooms and was not disappointed.
When I took this shot, I did NOT notice the large bug clinging to the petal!
Ruggedly beautiful.
Backlit blossoms.
Nearly spent but lovely just the same.
New kids on the block.
Farther downriver, evidence of the human desire to create.
My commute (yesterday).  I love that the road is just hinted at.
 the right, you can see a large pile of wood accumulated during the floods last year.
Finally, I plugged in a card that I normally don't use and found photos taken at the spillway last year the day before the sounding boat was lowered into the eroded pool at the base.   Here's a flashback to last year...
Stunning sky, reflected.
Eroded pool.
What once was wet, now is dry.
Pothole reflection.
In other news, I am preparing to set up at the Valley Event Center in Glasgow on April 14th for the Vendor's market and craft fair, sponsored by Walleye's Unlimited.  There should be something for everyone there.  (I'm told  everything from boat motors to hand lotion and lunch will be available).    I'll have artcards, framed pieces, books and if there's time....unframed prints.    Mark your calendars,  come out and say hi!  The event runs from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.   Hope to see you there!

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