Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Kolden Report: Chasing beavers, Part two.

Hi, kids!
Graceful form.

Patterns in ice.
The pattern in this feather is incredible!
I love "where the textures collide".
Ice laden shoreline.
And suddenly, I saw it!
A sizeable beaver paddling slowly along the shoreline!
The beaver moved toward shore and I froze, moving only to depress the shutter button on my camera!  After a time, the beaver slipped back in the water and resumed paddling leisurely upstream.
I followed along, moving as quickly as I could while the beaver paddled.  When it stopped, I stopped, the fan shaped erosion catching my eye in the sand.
Again, the beaver lumbered out of the river.  Again, I froze.  Soon, back in the water the beaver went.  I realized that I could no longer follow the shoreline.  I had to go up the bank and around.
I approached the river cautiously from above.....the beaver either heard or smelled me and began to chatter a warning.  I froze.  It looked this way and that, nervously. 
 Unable to decide if there was a threat, it slipped back into the water.
I only now noticed that it was carrying a branch in its mouth!  And then it must have spotted me or smelled me.....
KER-SPLASH!  And it was gone. 
I then noticed the sun was quite low and I was a ways from home!  I turned to go.
Looking back over the melting ice sheets in the golden light.
At home, the last vestiges of day, punctuated by a jet contrail. 

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