Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Kolden Report: Happy Easter, 2012!

Hi kids!
Happy Easter one and all,  from windblown Wolf Point!
First off, Miss Meiya is sending out thank yous, in her carefully printed 5 year old hand writing, to those of you who've mailed in box tops for education.  Thank you again to those of you who've saved them for her!  She is nearly done with school for this year but would love to get boxtops again next year if any of you feel like saving them.
I have been busy preparing for the Walleye's Vendor Market and Craft Bazaar to be held Saturday April 14th from 9-3 at the Valley Event Center (fairgrounds) in Glasgow.  For those of you within striking distance, I'd love to see you there!  I'm told there is something for everyone to be had and a meal will also be available. 
This week,  I have continued checking on the annual spring crocus bloom as it will soon be through.   I also spent a bit more time at the bridge, trying to improve upon my composition.  I am feeling that I have to capture that particular scene!   
Itchy foot.
Off and running.
Rarely seen....BOTH ends of the rainbow. 
Then....a double rainbow!
Stormy skies at sundown.
This WAS highway 13, once upon a time.  Nature is taking over.
Rooster pheasant flight.
Grass grows right up to the gate.
Shadow stripes.
Artisan post.
Looking south.  I didn't notice in person but in this photo, it looks like the first cement pillar is crooked.  I'll have to check....must be an illusion.
Rivets and rust.
And again!  More pasque flower bunches (aka:  wild crocus - a member of the anemone family).  Love the trailing clouds behind the bridge.
Might be my new the soft yet bright colors
Or maybe this one is my new favorite.  It's an Easter bouquet!
Field of dreams...
Shy petals?
Love the contrast with the badlands cedar (or whatever the ground cover is called). 
Wide-eyed wonder.
Moon rise over the Missouri River Bridge.
Until next time.....take good care and Happy Trails!

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