Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Kolden Report: A day in the life, Nicaragua. June 5th, 2014

Hello, kids!

With each sunrise over Apoyo Lagoon, I realized that this was NOT a bad place to live.  A Cuidador to care for the property, fence with gate to keep your possessions safe, paved road leading to the casa and a chicken house just down the road selling fresh eggs daily.  One would never need long johns or down coats, winter boots or mittens and the only fire needed would be to cook with.   Blankets didn't seem to be a necessity at least not this time of year.  We slept with just a sheet and did well.    Cooks and maids could be procured for little.   Tropical living was growing on me! 

Sunrises, such as this one, were well worth rising for. 

Litter seemed to be of no concern, sadly.  I imagine that it is a chore to dispose of it and I did see people burning. 

This wizened fellow was deep in thought.

I wondered what he was carrying in the sack?  Was it heavy?

I also wondered how far he had to travel as I looked at the condition of his left boot. 

Jay, determining if he could buy his propane locally.  (It can't be done.)

I wondered how the whites were kept so white, when likely this laundry was washed by hand?

Toys in the yard. 

Google translate struggled with this one.    Se Vende = sold.  Riquisimos can't be translated but Google says it is Portuguese.  Helades = healed.  De Frutas = the fruit.  Sold healed fruit?  Fruit will heal you, buy it now?  Only 2 cordoba.  Cheap!

Jay's cuidador. 

It is not uncommon to see a little transport bus  maintenance, being performed right in the road.  Hey, it's shady! 

Side by side.  (The pickup claims:  Blessings of God).

Jay, parked in front of his hotel, the "OK Corral".

Got to love the vivid colors.

The sign is small, easy to miss.  Unobtrusive is an apt description.

Cool hallways lead to an interior courtyard housing the reception area.

Decorative iron gating.

Tropical mural oversees tile scrubbing.

Back on the street, a trio of giant bells wait silently.

Fast taxi!  Perhaps the driver is late for a pickup?

So much going on here.  Tang advertising?  Decor or fly control on the horse?    Either way, hire him to haul for you.  Construction materials for sale on the right.    Gringo strolling on scene from the left, convertible pants and Teva's gave him away. 

And then we spotted THIS. 

Citronauts of America Mixed.  Okay..........

From Argentina?    Only 3806 miles, border to border.  Wowza!  Love the adventuresome spirit. 

Bet THESE roads contained a challenge or two for the Citronauters!

And then I spied this fellow (face full of character) and wondered how far he had hobbled on crutches to get his morning coffee?

More to come!

"Only one who devotes himself to a cause with his whole strength and soul can be a true master.  For this reason mastery demands all of a person."  - Albert Einstein

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