Monday, June 23, 2014

The Kolden Report: Goodbye Bess (And Las Flores Cafe, Nicaragua), June 23rd, 2014

Hello, kids.

My oldest friend was laid to rest today.   Growing up, Bess  Hovey and my Grandmother were great friends.   They loved one another the way sisters love, unconditionally. 

 I always admired Bess's sense of style and was fascinated with her as a person.    She was an out rider for Montie Montana when he came to town one stampede and did I think her COOL.  Gram and I also rode with Bess, who saddled her own horse -  "Martini", a Tennessee Walker that she kept in Gram's pasture.

 I spent hours picking chokecherries and dandelion blossoms with Gram, Bess and Dupe Knapp for wine and jam making.   The three of them made quite a trio!

Bess always invited me to come see her in California and Arizona but working for a living, I always thought I'd have time later.... and later never came. 

 I have been mentally preparing for this day, since Bess was in her 80's.  Every time I left her side, I told myself that she could pass this earth at any time.   Then came the breast cancer, back with a vengeance.  Bess professed that she didn't have the energy to fight it this time.  Twice was enough.

 I always told her that I loved her and I urged her to get her affairs in order so that her wishes would be known.  On my last visit to see her in hospice, she recognized me immediately, called me by name.  I sat for a few hours while she dozed in and out of a morphine haze, killing her pain.  She told me a few stories and I told her I loved her.  As I left, I told her I'd "see her soon".  Her reply was, "It can't be soon enough." 


After tasting volcano grown, Las Flores coffee, Jay took us to Mambacho to purchase our own. 

Artisan signage.

Free samples and a veranda to sip it on.


As we were sipping our coffee, these folks appeared.  They had just been robbed as they hiked the volcano.  Items taken were their day packs and kindles.  Our local friend immediately contacted cafe staff who got on the phone with authorities.  This kind of incident is VERY bad for business!  Feeling sorry for them, I purchased their drinks. 

Satellite phone gets GOOD reception on top of the volcano.

Lush blooms.

Blooming shrub against adobe wall.


Las Flores Finery.

All about coffee.


Love the fact that recycling is alive in Nicaragua.

Locals, hauling large loads.

When you can't afford electricity, you just help yourself.

Looks like they can't afford it alright.

Roots run deep. 

Quarry colors.

Reminiscent of Arizona.

Scrap iron collector.

Something about this fence....

Bus stop?

Up next!  Choco cafe.

"The future belongs to those who prepare for it today."  - Malcom X


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