Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Kolden Report: Family Style, Nicaragua. June 11th, 2014

     Hello, kids!

We paid a visit to local family, near the end of the street in a wooded area.

Neighbors, doing what neighbors do.

Magenta magic.

Couldn't decide which image I loved more so included them both.

I was intrigued to see this blackened pot, precariously perched over a smoldering fire.  What was cooking?

I tried to peek in but couldn't tell.  Finally, I asked.  Beans!

Morning chores were already well underway.

Drying laundry casts a short shadow.

How OLD was this  building?  Wavy siding caught my eye.

Bigger picture.



Angel.  AKA:  Easy Rider.

Put de' lime in de' coconut, drink 'em bot' up...

Silky skinned relative of the mango.

Simple life.

Cook stove and wood supply.  Although I didn't see any propane or other fuel to cook with!

Religious artifacts were sprinkled throughout.  I'm told most folks are catholic here.

Hand carved wardrobe.  I wondered how they had come to own this piece?  Nica craftsmanship is not to be taken lightly!

I'm sure it was comforting to have food growing in the yard.

Little Jay learns how to clean the rice before cooking. 

Jalissa and little Jay.

Ranger.  The family mascot who is not neutered. 

Decorative blocking in lieu of windows. 

Across the road.

Thorny situation.

 Sandinista's, still active.

Construction haulers, awaiting jobs.

Downtown.  Look at the tangle of wiring.  One stiff wind away from a power outage, perhaps?

Up next:  The finca!

"No one has ever become poor by giving."  - Anne Frank


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