Friday, June 27, 2014

The Kolden Report: Trip to Buscanos, Granada, Nicaragua.

Hello, kids!

BIG boulders.  Not only were they big, but according to Google, "El Rayo" is Italian! 

Another, dock of the bay.

At Buscanos.  Cute little pets, aren't they?

A closer look at all those tiny sharp teeth.

Next, was this fella.  Fishing. 

With one fish in it's hunts for more.  I suspect this is a bird raised and fed just for tourists.  It is in no way chained or restrained and is free to come and go as it pleases.  I think it's a very smart bird....knows where to find an easy meal!

Got one in sight...

Bulge of a whole fish, visible in the neck.

THIS is how you do it, do it!  Look at the "toe gription" and the wing span.  And that very straight neck.


Now, to get it from the beak to the gullet.  THAT is also tricky when the beak has punctured the fish. 

Nature has ways.  And down the hatch it goes!

Lake Nicaragua.

Boating home from "town".  Some of these folks appear to be children....the boy in the orange shirt rowing?  Both occupants in the red boat seem very "short".  Dangerous existence!

True gentleman.  Row that lady home. 

Restaurant and  unloading zone.

Frond fascination.

LOVE the stems contrast.

And also the bigger picture. 

Perfection.  Look how each leaf is bent at the same angle?  Nature is AMAZING.

Hang hewn napkin holders.  Very nautical and oh so appropriate.

Variety is the spice of life.

All this and wi-fi too!   Just like home.

Parts of the under roof seating were flanked by tall, lush foliage. 

Even the roof was intriguing.    I wondered if it leaked?

Someone did all the lashing by hand.  Artfully...done by hand.

Coconut cluster.


Tour boat or water taxi?  Looks like maybe both.  Their bikes are being hauled right along with them.  (Wonder how easy it would be to get the life preservers off the roof should one need them?)

Such a beautiful beach, it's a shame about all the trash.  Perhaps the Nica government can employ locals to collect rubbish?

Wonder where they are taking the dirt?

Tourism pays.


Is it just me or does that dock look a bit rickety?  (One big gust of wind and the passengers are "in the drink"!)

Car ferry.   I'll ride time! 

Up next.....All good things must come to an end.

"We are what our thoughts have made us; so take care about what you think.  Words are secondary.  Thoughts live; they travel far."  - Swami Vivekanada


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