Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Kolden Report: The Finca! Nicaragua. June 12th, 2014

Hello, kids!

We'd heard about Jay's finca and were anxious to see it.  Finally the day had arrived. 

Vine covered exterior!

Lanai.  Notice the vines creeping?

Wrapping lanai.

Vines, as art.

Bright interior.

Oh, if I could have just gotten THIS chair in my suitcase!

Across the yard, new construction.  Guest house?

Mercedes delivery truck, bringing building materials.

LOVE the hood ornament.

Living fence posts.  Branches are "planted" and later grow into trees. 

Part of the horse herd.

A herd of milk cows also roamed, providing milk for the local school.  (Nice, Jay!)

Delicate delight.

Perfection, in nature.

"Tunnel" of

Finca finery.

Tropical....road less traveled.

Fiery foliage.

Seeing spots.

Hay hauler.

Swimming pool?  (That's what I would have used it for as a kid.  As it was, I spent many hours in the stock tanks when summer heat arrived.)

Half of the heavy hauler team.

I forgot to ask Jay if they are named "salt and pepper"!

Hard to imagine getting these big fellas to pull a hay wagon.

More finca finery.

Mending fences.

All legs. 

Homemade broom.

And then I discovered the bamboo grove!

Linear lines.

Racing stripes?

How are the color variants created?  And why?

If you cut and dry the tree, will the stripes remain?  Interesting!  (Google says this is clumping bamboo.)

Up next:  Mombacho, home to rainforest grown Las Flores coffee. 

"If your eyes are blinded with your worry, you cannot see the beauty of the sunset." - Krishnamurti


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